Family: Mestrento

Noble lineage, claimant to the Barony of Oppidum


Noble lineage inhabiting the castle of Oppidum, the Mestrento family has ruled the city through many generations.


  • 1030 to 1070: Armanto Mestrento [1025-1070], married to Colleta de Mestrento [1030-1068], father of Paolo Mestrento. Magdalena Pasinno, sister of Colleta de Mestrento.
  • 1070 to 1095: Paolo Mestrento [1042-1095]
  • 1095 to 1150: Firmin Mestrento [1067-1150]
  • 1150 to 1225: Enrico Mestrento [1140-1225]
  • 1225: Marino Mestrento [1205-alive]

Magdalena Passino was in live interested in Viktor Reiter.

Family: Mestrento

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