Burden of Ages

1056-11-15: Exodus

An influx of outsiders becomes an annoyance for the fledglings, but also serves as cover for a foreign power positioning itself in the city.

Session played: November 2 of 2009

The years have been kind to the fledglings, who are receiving more freedom each passing day, maybe a little more than desirable…

Lucius Theofanis was pondering his next gospel lecture when one of the servants announced that a couple of serfs were requesting an audience, he immediately greeted them as the custom of his clan required, they informed him that during the last weeks a group of armed people established a camp in the southern part of the fief, this people stole livestock and produce from the fields, so his sire servants were requesting the help of the landlord.

After dismissing the serfs, the youngling descended into his sire’s chamber, who was conducting a vivisection in its lab table, facing the interruption of its job it gave orders to the young Tzimisce to take two Szlachtas and deal with the situation.

Half an hour later Lucius Theofanis arrived at a group of three huts that made the intruder’s camp, and sent one of the Szlachtas to deliver a warning “leave now for you’re trespassing”, when the intruders dismissed the ghoul the fledgling walked to the door and delivered the warning again, but was also dismissed. He proceeded then to exert justice in his clan way, he awakened his Zulo Shape and ripped away the roof of the hut, inside one of the intruders fainted, the second screamed and curled in one corner, and the third froze in there stuttering; for they all three were looking at a 2.5m demon whose torso towered above the wood walls and was throwing away their roof.


mullo overseer

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