Burden of Ages

1056-11-20: A covenant of sorts

Strength lies in numbers

Session played: November 22 of 2009

The War of Ages reveals itself to the eyes of the fledglings, and with the voice of one of its players.

Events brief:

  • Alice talked a long time with Hepleto through a vision, and is delighted to play “slap hands”, the alias that he uses for the “War of Ages”.
  • Kek Amir received through Telepathy the location of tablets depicting part of the travels of Set, but now only has two of the set of three.
  • Viktor Reiter was dominated by the Prince into controlling his paranoia.
  • Fabrizio inscribed in vampire blood runes in the back of the Prince’s throne and above it.
  • Someone died inside the throne room without leaving any psychic trace. Neither Varna Kratlofk nor the new Brujah were able to perceive anything in a particular spot.
  • There’s a secret exit from the throne room that Prince Basileo Timaeus was unaware of, and leads to the northern river.
  • Through Aurel Phuri Dae illusions, Hepleto told them about their options in the “War of Ages” fight or die, like it or not.
  • Prince Basileo Timaeus confided his trust in them, because being new vampires it was difficult for them to maintain allegiances hidden from him.
  • Marco Alliagro strengthened the wards around the throne room.


mullo overseer

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