Burden of Ages

1202-05-14: Venetian withered flowers

Draft in progress

Session played: April 18 of 2010

The armies of the fourth crusade are converging on Oppidum, ready to depart to La Serenissima and from there sail to its destiny. Amidst accusations of foul play, the hidden masters are now trying to concur in a common destiny for the mortal forces.

  • The coterie was able to convince the prince and his chamberlain of their innocence, but publicly were still hold as suspects, that would lower the guard of the true assassin and allow them to find it.
  • With Isabel Giovanni’s Auspex applied to the corpse and the dagger left embedded in Alice they had enough clues to pursue the assassins.
  • Alice’s use of the Malkavian Time granted them with the visit from another Malkavian, one that told them that a peanut held all the truths they needed.
  • Viktor Reiter used his Animalism to summon enough rats to carpet St Marks plaza and asked them for help in finding a curious smell grafted to the peanut.
  • Guided to a warehouse in another corner of the city they managed to stop an assassination attempt on Anna Sgorina’s unlife; when confronting the culprit he died withering and rotting in front of them.
  • Lucius Theofanis way of spirits allowed him to detect someone fleeing the place, someone with enough Obfuscate to be invisible, nonetheless they started to pursue this shadow.
  • After cornering the shadow they attacked just to find that they were lured by a diversion, one created by someone with Quietus, the clan of the prey was now revealed.
  • Lucius Theofanis received a poisonous dart on his buttock, and without hesitation ripped his own flesh apart flaying it beyond their friends.
  • In the shooters nest they found a contract written in arabic to assassinate Lanzo Von Sachsen’s aide.
  • When arriving to share their findings, they noticed that Tomasso Brexiano was staked from behind and was being hidden from view in his quarters, his sword missing.
  • In time they stopped the second aide from Lanzo Von Sachsen to kill him with the stolen sword.


mullo overseer

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