Burden of Ages

1486-07-30: Vienna's Allegro

Session played: June 20 of 2011

It is now the year of the lord of 1480.

With the solid purpose of making their city more secure, the coterie invests in a new outer wall, even farther that the actual inhabited area, in order to protect any further development.

The alliance with the mages in the lighthouse bears another fruit, in the form of a new design of wall delivered by the sorcerers, one able to withstand and retaliate against cannons fire.

It is now the year of the lord of 1486.

The coterie is invited to a gathering of elders to talk about the anarch revolt situation, not by lord Hardestadt host of the meeting but by one of his associates, Cybele the Malkavian, who graciously informs them that despite their condition they’re required.

Aurel Phuri Dae and Andrew Wiggin set on one of the carriages modified by Alice, ten days before the meeting in order to arrive three days before, on that same day Edward Elric arrives through the portals of the Tremere chantry.

After regrouping they present themselves to prince Lotharius of the Tremere clan, who greets them and warns them that the slaying of any local citizen would cause a blood hunt against the perpetrator. They’re taken to a local housekeeper for vampires that lodges them inside a hidden room of one of the old wall’s turrets.

In this room they carefully verify the security, through Aurel’s Animalism and Edward’s gargoyles, Auspex and Thaumaturgy, their careful search brings to light an odd parchment hidden inside one of the bricks… written by Kemanet son of Constancia, daughter of Japheth, son of Cappadocius. The letter states his hopes that Amenostles remembers the hiding place and is able to join him in Brixen, his next stop running from the Giovanni pogrom… the coterie leaves no trace of the original bricks and take for themselves the letter.

After this, Andrew Wiggin meets with an old member of his clans, a promethean that is glad to talk about Carthage during the rest of the night, while Edward Elric verifies the possible escape and access routes around the meeting place.

On the next night they take separate ways.

Edward Elric seeks out for gathering places of vampires, in his search he locates a place run by Syliam, a Setite that provides music, refreshments and privacy for a good price. In this place he meets Finneas, the Ventrue sheriff of the city that jokingly regrets that the foreigner has already presented himself to the prince.

Guided by a rat, Aurel Phuri Dae takes to the sewers, he gets to know some entrances through the walls, while exiting one of the tunnels his Auspex allows him to detect the local scourge, of the Toreador clan, who is extremely surprised of being detected.

Andrew meets again with the Promethean, arriving in the middle of a heartened argument between the Brujah elder and one Radu, prince of Bistritz, after the Tzimisce prince throws a handful of fless to the other elder and leaves the square, Andrew closes in and begins to sell the concept of Mestre as an Elysium city, with a banking future for many elders.

Edward is surprised by a kiss to the cheek given by Camilla Banes, a regular of Syliam’s place, who joins the conversation and allows the Tremere to delve into some of the embarrassing secrets of the local sheriff, which the Setite carefully prods. The situation is driven to madness by Camilla who makes the local vampires vacate the place and leaves in the company of Edward.

In the square another Brujah joins Andrew and the Promethean, Altamira a True Brujah, and elder of the clan joins them and gives few credit to the ancillae’s idea of Mestre as an Elysium. Suddenly his position changes and starts to give not only interest but also offerings for support.

Aurel Phuri Dae encounters Durga Syn, elder of his clan, whom informs him that she’s there following a thread of destiny, one in which she is unable to see him, one in which another seal of Gehenna will be broken.

While witnessing how Camilla makes a random peasant be lynched by a mob, Edward is informed via telepathic command of an imminent attack over the city, he shares the information with Camilla who decides to take another path to safety. While he walks to the chantry he meets Hassam al-Banif and Ileanna, who is now ready to assume vampiric life on her own, and even has taken a new name to drive her through the night; she’ll be known as Marianna Giovanni. They two also fall back to Hardestadt side after knowing of the attack.

Aurel and Andrew retreat to the safety of the walls, while Edward arrives at the war room of the chantry; in there he’s greeted by Oktav, fifth circle, sixth level and warmaster of the chantry. While gathering information the room fells silent as Meerlinda and Etrius enter the room, accompanied by no other than Tremere itself.

The war is on, Vienna shall prevail.

1493: Legacy of Thorns

Many factions arrived to the Convention of Thorns, the clans fractured and also banded heralded many changes…
- The Brujah, Malkavian, Toreador, Tremere and Ventrue clans were together as the Camarilla.
- The Nosferatu and Ravnos clans arrived as independents.
- The Giovanni and Setite clan arrived as a Traders Guild.
- The Assamite, Gangrel, Lasombra and Tzimisce clans were members of the Anarchs.

Careful orchestration allowed the member of the coterie to redefine the allegiances of others, and bring useful clans to their fold, at the end of the Convention the groups were banded differently…
- The Brujah, Gangrel, Lasombra, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere and Ventrue clans are now together as the Camarilla.
- The Assamite and Ravnos clans left as independents.
- The Giovanni and Setite clan stay as a Traders Guild.
- The Tzimisce are now the only full clan member of the Anarchs.

The screams, bloodshed and fires of Silchester are now behind. But everything has a price, and the coterie paid a high one, for two of their eldest members faced its final death, Alice Geenfamilienaam and Edward Elric were lost forever.

1498: Reliquary

My most gracious lord.

As per your request I departed from Milan few minutes after the six chariots, those that carried away the reliquary and the documents. It’s with great sorrow that I have to inform that many items have been stolen.

On the second day of travel, and a short time before sunset the convoy stopped, they signaled a blockade with their horns, I sneaked through the top of the trees and watched as Cipriano and Lotario descended to remove from the road the trunk of a fallen tree; astonished I noticed a particular lack of efficiency in their movements, and a remarkably different way of bearing themselves.

Then, all hell broke lose… The musketeers caught on fire without apparent cause, and without the telling of a heretic spell; also the drivers fell down by arrows of Varangians, as my later recollection would show.

By then the alert was nigh, the second and fourth chariots spitted fire with their weapons, but also were engulfed by fire that laid waste to their gunpowder reserves, too natural for a warlock spell and also when the sun still haven’t set. These fires made the two chariots explode, which in turn killed all the horses.

In that moment, contrary to the orders given to them, the Red Order knights descended from the berserker’s chariot, deploying all the four Barghests and the black smoke curtain, whom also fell down to the arrows of the Varangians; the three knights found their death by the hands of awoken Athanatoi. Yes my lord, I’m using the term correctly for my blessing allowed me to witness the proper telling.

Only the knight from my order ran to the third chariot, surely with the purpose of destroying the reliquary but he didn’t reach his target, apparently he was also poisoned by the arts of the attackers. All the other members of the entourage fell down to unknown magic, that didn’t left a trace that I’d be familiar with.

The Varangians and a group of animated golems then proceeded to sack the convoy and took away the reliquary and the less valuable documents, you were correct as they didn’t check the hiding places of the most valuable documents.

They ran away to the nearest river where a Drakkar with latin sails awaited them, sadly even your horse was unable to pursue them and they left me far behind, reaching the coast I interrogated some peasants and got an accurate description of a bigger ship they rendezvoused with, of which I’m including a drawing according to the witnesses description.

With this letter I included two of the arrows, and shards of glass I recollected from the windows and lanterns, as per your usual request. I left the documents for safekeeping by the order in Ferrara, and I’m now on my way north, looking for the ship, eager to report its port of destination.

Devotionally yours,



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