Alliagro, Marte

R.I.P. Wife of Anselmo Alliagro


Mother of Julieta, Ianira, Marana, Rina, Marco Alliagro and the departed Carlo Alliagro. Wife of Anselmo Alliagro, a high-quality fabrics trader in the north zone of Oppidum. A highly devote catholic.

MC: Former necromancer of the Giovanni family. Unwilling to practice her art again.

  • Once used her powers to instill fear in his son Marco Alliagro, trying to drive him away from his curiosity in Necromancy.

Overseer: Necromancer with double path knowledge, custodian of several rituals and sheltered by a particular Jovian from the rest of the family.

Alliagro, Marte

Burden of Ages mullo overseer