Flavio Saggio

Monk & Tutor


Monk & Tutor in charge of the group of kids that includes the brittle Lucius Theofanis.

Embraced into clan Tremere around 1056.


By Lucious Fortunatus:

  • When Lucius Theofanis was still mortal, he saw Flavio fighting with several armed men in the Oppidum’s bad neighborhood, suffering multiple wounds that were miraculously cured the next day.
  • An excellent 200 years ghoul that actually manages Sulkju Ondray and Lucius Theofanis possesions.
  • Great seneschal, money wise and quick when acquiring things.
  • Managed to buy precious time for the vampires during the daylight werewolves attack at the monastery, at the cost of several life-threatening injuries that were healed by Sulkju Ondray using a random peasant’s kidney and right-arm.
  • Misteriously dissappeared on 1056

Flavio Saggio

Burden of Ages mullo overseer