Enlightened Elder


By Lucius Theofanis:

  • Follower of Via Caeli (Road of Heaven) but knowledgeable of many other roads.
  • He believes that any road leads to illumination.
  • Learned Valeren from Andrea Varando.
  • His haven is more a library fully stacked of books pertaining to enlightenment roads.
  • Almost died in a Baali attack, was raised from death sleep by Lucius Theofanis’s blood.
  • Kept several entombed childer in torpor, because he didn’t have the heart to destroy them.
  • Lucius Theofanis saw him looking at his neck with a disturbing interest.
  • Sacrificed himself to destroy his childer, when they were free.
  • The library vault collapsed moments after his death.


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