Sulkju Ondray

Paragon in the Road of Metamorphosis


What could be addressed as face is located beneath a helm of criss-crossed bones, more like a fiendish maw, that opens only when it needs to do anything more than whisper. Beneath his heavy wool robes sometimes you can glimpse at legs with many joints, more birdlike than human.

  • Multiple personalities and roads, that Lucius fears change with each passing moon.
  • Domitor of Flavio Saggio.
  • After been healed by Kranôs reverted to the form of a female.

By Lucius Theofanis:

  • Sulkju carries on her chest the same birthmark that Lucius Theofanis has and Voivode Koban has on his breastplate, but unlike those marks hers was charred in the flesh.
  • Lucius Theofanis told her that Flavio Saggio is nowhere to be found since a few weeks ago, after it went astrally looking for the ghoul it remained in a state akin to torpor for several days.
  • Lucius Theofanis found him inside a cocoon ready for traveling, and leaving the young vampire with documents to certify its status as neonate in 1056.
  • It doesn’t leaves any news about Flavio Saggio

Sulkju Ondray

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