Burden of Ages

1050-02-04: Cries of Sorrow
The vampires of Oppidum and surrounding lands retaliate against the werewolves
1050-02-02: Cry of war

(English below)

Varios de los vampiros de Oppidum sintieron algo olvidado con el peso de los siglos, inicialmente un vacío que se transformaba en temblor al subir a lo largo de la espina dorsal, una sensación demasiado mortal para el gusto de cualquiera de ellos, sin embargo, los aullidos que surgían de las montañas cercanas solo podían indicar una cosa: Los werewolves se preparaban para la guerra.

What began as a normal night for many habitants of Oppidum, was one of the first nights of damnation for a select few. Whether elder, ancillæ or neonate, all the kindred in the city felt something forgotten with the march of time, a slight annoyance that slowly grew to tremor when it traveled up the spine, a sensation too mortal for their liking. The howls that came from the mountains could only mean one thing: The werewolves were readying themselves for war.

While Lucius Theofanis and his sire walked back to the monastery that was nested into the hills in the north of Oppidum, he looked upon his sire and asked about the foreboding sounds, but was quickly dismissed for the animals wouldn’t attack, they were just rummaging around. And if they choose to do so, then they’d have a nasty Vohzd surprise, they passed the small entrance to the monastery and through the boys quarters delved into the caverns in the mountain.

In the northeast of Oppidum Viktor Reiter and his sire were heading back to the city, when the fledgling asked about the sounds Varam told him that the noble beasts wouldn’t attack, because they were short in numbers, and feared the power of prince Basileus.

By the time the howling stopped the caravans of gypsies camping outside the southwestern walls of Oppidum were ready to depart as soon as necessary, in there the orphaned Aurel asked the elders about the dangers, but was soothed because if needed the children of Sarrath would allow them enough time to escape the danger; as it has been done through centuries past.

Inside the walls of Oppidum among the usual cursing of the sailors, merchant’s offers and other noises of the streets, few people noticed the howling and life as usual went on. As the full moon was ready to disappear beneath the mountains hell unleashed upon the monastery, for the werewolves attacked close to dawn.