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Burden of Ages

Old World of Darkness Vampire Chronicle:
Dark Ages Revised → Victorian Age → Masquerade Revised → Gehenna.

In the year of the lord of 1050, the walled port city of Oppidum was in a crux of issues and roads, a mandatory stop for commerce between Florence, Genoa, Obuda, Venice and Vienna; its fortune was tied to the ups and downs of those great cities.

Amidst a lot of conflicts and the threat of mortal’s war, vampiric lord Basileo Timaeus granted to some of his subjects the permission to create progeny… only time will spew if this new vampires would be more than ashes tossed into the sea.

Scions of the Dark Ages

Childs of the Renaissance

  • Hacmoni Baqi a Follower of Set.
  • A child of the Nosferatu clan.
  • Pavel of the Tremere clan.
  • Tristan of the Tremere clan.

Lost in the sands of time

This campaign is originally in spanish, we’re currently translating it to english

The chronicle is still active, although a little outdated in this portal, sorry for that.

Home Page

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