Aurel Phuri Dae

Player Character: Only survivor of a werewolves attack upon a gypsy caravan.


When I (Aurel) was 15, my family and the rest of the caravan were killed in an ambush. Miraculously I was left alive becose of my parents, they protected me from that slaughter.

For two hole days I was crying and burying bodies, including my parents, leaving me all alone in the wild whith only two thigs: the momories of those who died that day and my mothers family talisman to remind me who I was.

At the end of the fifth day in the wild, almost dead and laying on the floor, I heard a sweet and old voice aproaching to me, then I fainted. When I woke up I found my self in a bed and by my side was this old woman who was taking care of my injuries.

Aurel Phuri Dae

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