Basileo Timaeus

Vampiric prince & lord of Oppidum's domains


Known among mortal castle courtesans as Basileo Fiori: Connoisseur of the exhibited weapons history at castle halls, maintains a surprisingly open stance when compared with the other courtesans.

Viktor: Dices que es de temperamento fuerte y es bastante agresivo y grosero, pero yo lo veo como alguien amable, y siempre disfruto de las conversaciones con el.


Basileo Timaeus was a roman soldier stationed in a small hill fort, close to the Venetian lagoon, and a favorite mooring point for traders.

One night, terror fell upon him and his comrades for two hungry vampires arrived close to the break of dawn, one of them being carried by the other. The soldiers battled for their life but were overpowered by the vampire, Basileo was not only the last one holding ground despite his injuries but also the only one that was able to strike their attacker. When his life was being drained he heard the vampire saying him that he will become an even better warrior. Thus was embraced Basileo Timaeus, son of Mesthles, son of Troile.

For many years he learned from his sire, while they waited for the companion to heal his injuries and awake from torpor, when he finally awoke they shared a lot of knowledge and stories, while the time went on and the small dock started to grow into a small town.

Then the Huns arrived and sacked the place, the creatures travelling with the horde sent Basileo into torpor while still battling his sire and its companion. Somebody secured Basileo into a complex of caves close to the fort and sealed the entrance, but after some time the seal was broken by workers digging rock for a new castle.

The former ancillae, now elder awoke to a bigger town and started to eschew his place among the few vampires of the settlement. Thus with the passing of little time, Basileo Timaeus, son of Mesthles, son of Troile, became the vampiric prince of Oppidum.

Basileo Timaeus

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